How a cat predicts the weather: is it possible to trust the forecasts from a pet

Everyone knows the ability of cats and cats to guess the weather, which was elevated to the rank of folk signs more than one century ago.

  • Warming forecast
  • Cold weather forecast
  • rain forecast

But is it possible to believe what the pet “predicts”, because you really want to know how he does it without weather forecasts.

In this case, experts recommend being attentive and observant, and then it will not be difficult to decipher the cat’s forecasts.

Warming forecast

In this case, the pets sweetly stretch, blissfully bending into an arc.

If a sharp change in the weather is foreseen in the direction of an increase in temperature, then the cat may arch and lie sleepy in a semicircle.

If the pet is stretched out and lies straight as a string, this is for sunny and hot weather. In this case, cats like to wallow to the top of the stomach, where they please.

Unconditional warming and heat will come if the cat went to sleep in the shade or lies down on the cool tiled floor in the bathroom.

Cold weather forecast

In this case, it is even easier than with warming. The pet will look for the warmest place – on radiators, under a heated towel rail or near a working oven.

In other cases, the cat will sleep, curled up and hiding his nose. This sign has been tested for centuries.

rain forecast

It is noticed that before the rain, cats begin to drink more than usual.

It is not clear what the connection is, but even a cat licks its tail and ears before the rain, but if pets sneeze in dry weather, it is better to take an umbrella with you if you are going for a walk.

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