Why does a cat hunt flies and what will happen if she eats prey

Domestic cats do not have as much entertainment as their owners might think. Cats have even been proven to get bored.

  • Why does a cat catch flies
  • Are flies bad for cats?

It happens that cats begin to hunt for flies. Let’s find out what this may be due to and whether such a snack is harmful to the pet.

Why does a cat catch flies

Experts have never ceased to remind that cats have remained predatory by nature, despite long-standing domestication.

You cannot assume that the cat is doing this because she has nothing to eat. Catches flies and a full and hungry pet with the same desire.

There is only one explanation – this is additional entertainment, where you can show the qualities of a hunter and a getter.

Are flies bad for cats?

Having dealt with the parasite, the pets often eat the prey. Flies are known to be carriers of infections. In addition, the insect can be a carrier of parasites, which in the future will cause problems with the health of the pet, with digestion in particular.

But we can talk about a real threat if the animal eats not one or two caught flies, but a whole handful at once.

In addition, it is worth remembering that an innocent hobby can end in a fall from a window if there is no mosquito net on it, and these are completely different consequences.

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