Why you need to look in the side mirror after refueling the car: a good habit

Visiting a gas station is a familiar activity for an experienced driver.

But novice motorists often make mistakes during and after refueling a vehicle.

However, the development of one useful habit will avoid a common trouble.

So, the driver who sat behind the wheel should look in one of the exterior rear-view mirrors before leaving the gas station.

Meaning of action

You need to look in the right or left side mirror in order to make sure that there is no filling nozzle in the fuel tank neck.

But sometimes drivers who are distracted by something forget to pull out the device in time and try to leave.

The consequences can be extremely unpleasant. Most likely, nothing will happen to the fuel dispenser, but the gun will be torn off the hose.

In order not to get into such a situation, you just need to look in the outside mirror before you start moving.

You need to look either in the right or in the left mirror – depending on the location of the fuel tank hatch.

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