How to hang a mirror in the house: folk beliefs and signs

Mirrors are not only useful and beautiful interior items, but also mysterious and mystical.

  • Mirror in the bedroom
  • Mirror in the toilet
  • Mirror in general

Mirrors have many secrets and mysteries, which are told by folk signs and beliefs.

They are passed from mouth to mouth or written down in books. How to hang a mirror in the house correctly and what can happen if you break the rules?

Mirror in front of the front door

Such an arrangement is considered unfavorable, since the mirror reflects all the energy that comes into the house through the door. This can lead to loss of luck, prosperity and money.

In addition, a mirror in front of the door can attract unwanted guests or even evil spirits. To avoid such consequences, it is better to hang the mirror on another wall or cover it with a cloth or screen.

Mirror in the bedroom

Here opinions are divided. Some believe that the mirror in the bedroom helps to strengthen the love and passion between partners. Others argue that the mirror in the bedroom disturbs peace and sleep, takes away energy and can cause betrayal.

According to popular beliefs, you can not sleep in front of a mirror or see your reflection in it with your eyes closed. This can lead to illness, nightmares, or even death. To avoid risks, it is better to hang the mirror so that it does not reflect the bed or sleeping people.

Mirror in the toilet

There is no clear answer here. On the one hand, the mirror in the toilet is convenient for hygiene procedures and personal care. On the other hand, the mirror in the toilet can reflect the negative energy that accumulates in this room.

According to popular beliefs, you can not look in the mirror in the toilet for a long time or in low light. This can lead to health problems, self-esteem, or even the evil eye. To avoid trouble, it is better to choose a small mirror and well-lit toilet.

Mirror in general

A mirror is not only a piece of furniture, but also a symbol of self-knowledge and self-development. The mirror helps a person to see their strengths and weaknesses, their emotions and thoughts.

The mirror can also serve as a tool for magic and divination. According to popular beliefs, a mirror can show the future, the past or parallel worlds. But for this you need to be careful and follow certain rules. For example, you can not look in the mirror by candlelight, at midnight or on holidays.

This can lead to contact with evil spirits or loss of the soul. Also, one should not give a mirror without a special reason or accept such a gift from a stranger.

This may be a sign of ill will or spoilage. To avoid danger, it is better to buy a mirror yourself or get it from a loved one with good wishes.

So, mirrors are not simple things, but mysterious and multifaceted. There are many folk beliefs and signs associated with mirrors that you should know and take into account.

How to hang a mirror in the house and what are the consequences of the wrong location? Now you know the answers to these questions and can make your home more comfortable and safer.

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