What makes the interior luxurious: design rules for any style

Despite the fact that minimalism is in fashion today, some people set the goal of luxury in the interior in the first place.

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • accents

In whatever style the room is decorated, there are uniform requirements, without which it will not be possible to achieve such an effect. Let’s tell you more.


Furniture is the main thing in the bedroom, living room or nursery. Materials such as copper and brass from metals, as well as marble or wood, will help to add luxury.


Again, it is better to give preference to natural materials. A win-win option in this direction at all times is a tree.


There is no need for gold here. This kind of finish can decorate sinks, tiles, bathtub, faucets and so on.


It can be painting and art objects, hobbies and indoor plants.

Designers no longer pay attention to some mixing of styles in the interior. So in one room a loft and oriental style can coexist with something else.

But the interior must remain thoughtful so that harmony is present in everything.

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