Which beds will only disfigure your bedroom: trash in design

The bedroom is exactly the place where each person spends at least 6 hours a day every day.

That is why the room is supposed to be comfortable, ergonomic and, moreover, attractive looking, designer Yulia Tychino, expert of the BelNovosti online publication, is sure.

For this reason, you should not choose a bed that is covered with leatherette or eco-leather as a bed.

After 1 year, at most – 3, the skin will peel off. However, there are pluses – you will always have something to do, putting things in order in the room and getting rid of small pieces of material.

Not the best option and a round bed. Among its disadvantages is the inability to sleep together, because only in the widest part it reaches about 2.8 m, while narrowing to the headboard and legs.

Yes, and it is difficult to tie such a structure to the walls. And yet – do not forget that bed linen will have to be sewn to order. However, so is the mattress.

Finally, we urge you to refrain from a bed with plastic wrap-around elements in a rigid baroque style.

By the way, most likely, sellers of furniture stores will try their best to convince you that the headboard is made of wood. You should not take their word for it.

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