What not to eat for breakfast: the most harmful breakfasts that need to be urgently removed from the diet

A good breakfast is the key not only to health, but also to a high level of energy throughout the day.

  • Can porridge harm the body
  • Sweet pastries
  • Harmful sandwiches
  • Quick breakfasts

The wrong breakfast can bring a lot of trouble to a person – overweight, skin problems, loss of strength, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic fatigue.

Many people do not even suspect that it is very simple to prevent the occurrence of these and other problems.

You just need to remove the most popular products from the morning menu.

Can porridge harm the body

There is an opinion that porridge is the healthiest breakfast. In most cases, this is not the case.

Porridges are really healthy and are a great breakfast. But not the ones used by modern man. Proper porridge is made from whole grains and boiled for at least 20 minutes. The exception is oatmeal, which takes 15–20 minutes to cook.

But modern man eats instant cereals. Yes, they are easy to prepare. But they won’t do any good. Such a product has already been processed, only carbohydrates remain in it, which will provoke a rapid increase in insulin and its equally rapid decline.

Sweet pastries

A beautiful picture familiar to many: the morning rays of the sun, a cup of coffee, a croissant, a bunch of lavender and a happy smile of an elegant French woman. All this looks attractive, but there is no benefit from such a breakfast. Like instant cereals, sweet coffee and baked goods will only trigger an insulin spike, which will lead to a strong feeling of hunger in a short time. Wheat flour also contains glutenin. Agglutenin is a wheat germ protein that causes inflammation in the body.

Harmful sandwiches

A long loaf, butter and sausage is not the kind of sandwich that will benefit the body. Unless, you make all the ingredients yourself – you bake real sourdough rye bread, make sausage from good meat and use natural butter, not its substitutes.

Quick breakfasts

Another beautiful picture, imposed by advertising, shows happy children who eat various rings and cereals with appetite. But such food is as useless as instant cereals or pastries.

What should you eat for breakfast to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients? Real cereals, eggs, meat, vegetables and greens are ideal foods for a morning meal. And they can and should be combined in one meal. Then the body will receive carbohydrates, and proteins, and fats, and vitamins, and amino acids, and fiber. All these elements are vital for a person to be energetic and healthy.

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