Who should not drink mineral water: the doctor called the categories of people

Everyone knows about the benefits of mineral water, but not everyone knows about the contraindications to its use.

Who should not drink mineral water, said Andrey Yakushev, a gastroenterologist, hepatologist, general practitioner at the Hadassah clinic in Skolkovo.

What diseases can not mineral water

As Yakushev said, due to the high sodium content, mineral water is contraindicated for people with edematous syndrome of any etiology, chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver and kidney disease.

With cirrhosis and severe chronic heart failure, the specialist specified, it is allowed to use 2 g of sodium per day, with hypertension – up to 5 g of sodium per day.

As for the benefits of mineral water, according to the doctor, it is especially useful for people with a clinical picture of dehydration.

Such water will not harm healthy citizens either, but it is not worth abusing it, like any other products, – Gazeta.Ru quotes Yakushev.

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