Why goulash in kindergartens is always soft and tender: an old secret is revealed

It is rare that goulash turns out soft, no matter how much it is languished in a pan. But besides fresh meat and experience, one more ingredient is needed.

We will tell you how to cook the same goulash that was served for lunch in kindergarten. It always turned out soft and tender, even if not everyone ate it with such a desire then.

culinary secret

You need to start by cutting the meat. It is better to take veal or fresh beef.

The meat is cut into large pieces, and then fried in a pan until golden brown.

The finished meat is removed from the pan and then the onions are fried here.

Then strong black tea comes into play, which is added to the pan with meat and onions.

You can add spices to taste, lemon juice, then cover and simmer over low heat for about 30-35 minutes.

Only and everything. Thanks to these secrets, a beef dish will turn out to be soft and deliciously tender.

If the goulash will differ in taste, then the meat will definitely not have to be chewed for a long time.

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