Feed this garlic in the summer, and the heads will grow from a fist: the neighbors will envy

Fertilizing garlic beds in the summer is necessary if you did not do this at the end of the last summer season.

In total, two feedings are necessary.

The first of them should take place at the turn of May-June.

At this stage, you can use the same fertilizer as in the spring.

But don’t overdo the nitrogen. Otherwise, garlic will put all its energy into the development of its ground part.

Phosphorus and potassium will also benefit the plant.

The best fertilizer option with this composition is potassium monophosphate.

Its cost is higher than that of other drugs, but it will bring nutrients to garlic as quickly as possible, while being absolutely safe.

To prepare a solution in 10-liter water with water, stir 20 grams of the product.

Secondary feeding is carried out approximately from June 15 until the end of the month, that is, 30 days before harvesting.

Now the plant needs only potassium.

For this, potassium sulfate is suitable.

If you do not want to use store products, then take wood ash.

The nutrient solution is prepared from the same 10 liters of water and 150-200 grams of this powder.

When there is no time, you can simply sprinkle the plantings with ashes, and then moisten the soil, as with ordinary watering.

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