How to help cucumbers affected by mosaics: they won’t get sick, but they will give a lot of crunchy fruits

If the leaves of your cucumber bushes are covered with mosaic-shaped spots, then the culture has caught a serious disease.

The disease is called tobacco mosaic virus.

This infection can reduce the yield of affected bushes by 40-50 percent, so you should start fighting it as soon as possible.

The rest of the details on the topic will be discussed in our material below.


Unfortunately, cucumber bushes affected by the tobacco mosaic virus cannot be saved.

Infected plants must be uprooted and burned outside the site.

The remaining bushes should be treated with a solution of milk with iodine.

You can prepare this tool in a few simple steps.

So, you need to dilute 1 liter of skimmed milk in 9 liters of water, after which add 30 drops of iodine to the resulting mixture. Thoroughly mix the components together.

The resulting solution is recommended to irrigate both cucumber bushes and the soil in which they grow, so that the causative agent of the infection finally dies.

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