What experienced summer residents add to the watering barrel to increase productivity: a simple trick

Any gardener conducts watering on a regular basis, as this procedure is necessary to ensure the vital activity of various crops.

Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to slightly enrich the chemical composition of water.

There is a very budgetary method that allows you to turn the basic application of moisture into a very useful procedure with the help of an inexpensive tool. The method relies on the use of one popular pharmacy drug, says landscape designer and agronomist Anastasia Kovrizhnykh, an expert on the BelNovosti online publication.

How can you enrich water for irrigation

If you have a rainwater tank pre-installed, then this is a great solution. You can also pour ordinary water from a well into it.

For a certain time, she will have time to warm up and settle.

For a large volume of water, you need to take three things of succinic acid. Since the water is cool, it is wiser to immediately grind the drug to a state of powder and introduce it into the barrel.

Plants can be watered with such valuable water regularly. For example, “amber water” can be administered every one and a half weeks. From such a tool, many plants will be delighted.

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