What to add to the hole when planting tomatoes: try it – you won’t regret it

Summer residents, who have been planting seedlings in open ground for more than a year, recommend using one tricky tool, which contributes to the rooting of plants.

  • How to act
  • The benefits of nettle

The most important thing is that this fertilizer does not cost a penny, and the benefits for seedlings and harvest are obvious. So, the best time is approaching for planting seedlings in open ground, which is not so comfortable for heat-loving plants.

Given that transplantation is stressful, you need to support the seedling.

How to act

Firstly, in this case, the hole will need to be prepared a little deeper than usual.

Secondly, you need to pick a young nettle and chop the plant.

Thirdly, put a handful of this greenery on the bottom of the hole, and then sprinkle it with earth.

The benefits of nettle

This is a free, but very effective fertilizer, which contributes to the speedy rooting of seedlings.

The plant contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients, therefore it is suitable not only for eating, but also as a real fertilizer.

First, it is a free and natural source of nitrogen.

And secondly, rotting, the nettle will heat up the roots of tomatoes in the soil, which will help the plant adapt to new conditions after transplantation.

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