How to clean cutlery: a simple tip, after which forks and spoons will shine

Tell me, how often do you stare at the forks, spoons and knives in the cutlery stand?

We are ready to bet that such a thing hardly occurred to you – clean and clean, what else do you need?

But if new cutlery appears in the kitchen, the difference between those that are fresh from the store and those that are already pretty used becomes obvious.

All cracks and chips, and with them the dirt that has clogged into the holes, immediately become apparent.

Soda and a cleaning powder like Pemolux will help fix the situation.

Mix these products in a small container suitable for this, and then rub the instruments well.

After 10-15 minutes, rinse off the cleaning compound under running water and do not forget to wipe the forks, spoons and knives dry – they will immediately begin to shimmer in the light.

By the way, the same method is ideal for cleaning cups from tea or coffee deposits. But silverware cannot be cleaned in this way. Instead, it is better to use toothpaste.

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