What to do if new shoes rub your feet: tips and tricks

No one is immune from such trouble, and even carefully selected shoes can one day be tight.

  • What to do with tight shoes
  • Prevention of corns

In this case, you can try to stretch the pair. In addition, it will be useful to learn about life hacks that can protect feet from known consequences.

If things are really bad, then you can contact the workshop, where specialists will stretch the shoes using a special device. For the rest, folk tricks help out.

What to do with tight shoes

1. A hard heel can be made more pliable by beating it with a hammer, but you need to cover the shoes with a soft cloth. So they “beat off” all the places that rub their feet.

2. You can rub these parts of the shoe with wax or dry soap, which will reduce friction and reduce the risk of blisters.

3. Shoes can be stretched in the freezer with water bags.

Prevention of corns

You can try to buy a special remedy for corns, which is used to treat shoes. Vaseline, which is sold in any pharmacy, copes with this task no worse.

If you use a patch, then silicone is better – it does not wrinkle and does not go astray, besides it is invisible on the skin.

Another option is to treat your feet with an antiperspirant, after washing them and drying them.

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