Psychologist Nikolai Vinidiktov told how to understand that a man has feelings for you

Today, due to gender attitudes and ongoing transformations in the world, about 30% of potential relationships simply do not develop, because there is no understanding of how each of the partners should manifest itself in this initial period of communication.

Psychologist Nikolai Vinidiktov told how to understand that a man has feelings for you.

A man and a woman, of course, are very different in terms of energy.

As a person who constantly works with couples, helps to better understand each other and reach mutual love, I can say that we are all cool, individual, with our own needs, but very different.

If girls are more sensual, emotional, that is, they are more about words, mood, sensations, then men, as a rule, most often express their feelings with certain manifestations.

They do something: initiate communication, write, call, offer something.

But it is important to understand: despite the fact that in the expectations of girls, all men are strong, powerful, achieving them. In fact, they are very sensitive about their self-esteem.

Therefore, in the modern world, 8 out of 10 men do not have the perseverance that is expected of them. Therefore, here I recommend that girls be very attentive to manifestations on the male side. Believe me, a person can be decisive in business, but it is with a girl that she does not manifest herself the way she wants.

Here the main task of the female sex is to show her sensuality and begin to gradually open up to a man. Of course, if only it is necessary for you and you want the development of relations.

There are many different signs that indicate that you, as a girl, are clearly attracted to a man.

First, pay attention to his body language. For example, active gestures are a sign that it is important for a man to make a good impression on you.

Moreover, it must be said that the more relaxed this gesture, the more he wants to open up and show his strength in front of you. Also, the more relaxed and free his posture, the greater his desire to show, let’s say, his significance, that is, to win your favor.

Another observation is interesting, which will show how important communication is for a man with you. The location of his feet can help you with this.

So, if, while talking to him, you see that his feet are directed towards you, then this may be a good sign and indicate that he is passionate about communicating with you. If both feet are looking away from you, then this, as an option, indicates that he wants to leave or is not too interested, for example, in the topic of conversation.

Another very clear sign of a man’s sympathy for you can, of course, be his gaze and the distance between you.

If he is trying to close the distance between you, then this may be one of the indicators of interest.

Let’s say that when a third person approaches, a man will instinctively approach you. And, of course, eye contact, the desire to hold it, is what is a reliable signal.

Thirdly, if a man asks you personal questions, wants to know more specifically about you, your interests, preferences, aspirations, then this is an indicator that he not only wants to get to know you better, but is also looking for a deeper internal connection.

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