3 situations when you should click on the mouse wheel: many users do not know about these interesting features

One of the parts of a computer mouse is a wheel.

  • Click on the link
  • Scrolling
  • close tab

And, contrary to popular belief, it can not only be rotated. You can also click on it.

But in what cases is this click necessary?

It turns out that there are three situations when this action will help the computer user.

Click on the link

While using the Internet browser, people are constantly faced with the need to click on a particular hyperlink.

Sometimes you want to open a site in a new tab. Typically, users right-click on a link and select the appropriate command in the window that appears.

But you can achieve the desired result easier and faster if you click on the link with the mouse wheel. Then just one click is enough.


How do users most often “scroll” a page of an Internet site? The answer is known: rotate the mouse wheel.

Do you do that too? In vain! Because you can just click on the wheel and place the cursor a little lower or a little higher. Scrolling will be much easier.

close tab

When trying to close one of the browser tabs, do you always try to hit the cross with the cursor, but sometimes you “miss”?

But you can do it easier by clicking on the tab with the wheel. The site will close immediately. And you don’t need to strain your eyes.

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